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City Hall, Roman Theatre, and el Pópulo

Today was another typical Cádiz day - 70 degrees and a radiantly blue sky. In the morning, we were met in front of the Ayuntamiento (City Hall) by the student's teacher Juan, and the guide from the tourism office- a man who knew every possible detail about the building and its history. His knowledge of every sculpture and painting was truly encyclopedic and the kids took it all in with patience and good grace. But the high point was not probably about history but about the Mayor just happening by in his polo shirt and unkempt hair and saying hello to the students. He seemed like a very nice, if casual, newly elected politician.

After the tour, the students returned to class until the afternoon when we were met by Álvaro, to take a tour of the Roman ruins and El Pópulo - the oldest quarter of the city. The fact that the Roman theater had only been discovered by accident 40 years ago, but that is is the second largest amphitheater in Spain, impressed us all. Álvaro had a couple activities for the kids that got them moving and they were extra motivated by the promise of free ice-cream at the end. And the evening offered another glorious sunset at 9:44.


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