• The Rivers School

Day 1 - Leaving Rivers for Rome

After a smooth flight, we landed in Rome at 1:30pm, got settled into our hotel then hit the ground running.

We began by visiting the site of Julius Caesar’s assassination in 44BC, and with some help from our teaching assistants Luby and Elias we acted out the scene as the students read Suetonius’ account of events first in Latin and then in English.

We then hustled over to the Elephant obelisk, one of thirteen in the city, and after discussing the monument we proceeded to the highlight of the first day, the Pantheon.

As the sun went down we gazed in wonder at the massive columns and the majestic dome. On our way to dinner and gelato we made one last stop at Piazza Navona containing “The Fountain of the Winds” by Bernini on the site of the ancient race track built by the emperor Domitian.