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Exploring all of San Francisco

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to walk through one of San Francisco’s most impoverished districts called the Tenderloin. It was incredibly powerful to see the difference between the significant wealth we had seen in the first few days of our trip and the overwhelming poverty which we observed in the Tenderloin.

After walking through, we came to the Glide Foundation, which provides a number of other services for those who are less fortunate in the area. While there, they were running their food distribution center for those experiencing homelessness. We had the opportunity to talk to an employee about the programs that they offer as well as the history and reality of the Tenderloin district.

Following this, we walked to the San Francisco city hall where we met Rivers alum Rick Sheinfield, class of ‘80, who works for the city attorney’s office. We received a tour of the beautiful, historical building and got a comprehensive view of San Francisco’s history. After the tour, we spent the rest of our time at City Hall talking to a number of different lawyers in the City Attorney’s office, including the City Attorney himself, Dennis Herrera. They provided us with insight into what their office does and how their office connects with the San Francisco community and the country as a whole. On our walk back to our hotel, we gave out sandwiches to the countless number of impoverished people on the sidewalks of San Francisco.

Following our walk to the hotel, we were given free time to explore the city. One group of students went to Crissy Field East Beach where they had a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The students walked along the beach and enjoyed the sunset on the water. Another group explored the historic Haight-Ashbury district known for its involvement in the ‘60’s counter-culture movement. There, the students spent their time exploring San Francisco brand stores as well as a number of vintage music and art shops. At this point in the trip, we have experienced many of the different neighborhoods, cultures, and microclimates. We are looking forward to the new experiences that await us.

David G.


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