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June 13: Catedral de Cádiz

Our second day of classes and our third day in Cádiz. The weather continues to be spectacular and we continue to settle in with our Spanish host families, classes, and cultural activities. Our students are now more eager to try more typical regional foods and to speak more Spanish. This evening, we climbed “La torre” de la catedral de Cádiz and witnessed an incredible vista of the bay of Cádiz. Our guide pointed out the various watch towers in the city and explained their historical importance as they heralded in the arrival of the Spanish ships laden with goods from the New World. We then had a personal tour of la Catedral and saw various religious statues used for the floats or “pasos” during Semana Santa or Holy Week. This is one of Cádiz’s most famous cultural celebrations. The students have been diligently writing daily entries in their Spanish journals so as never to forget any of their experiences here. All in all, another stupendous day in Cádiz.


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