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June 19: Atelier Cezanne, Cathedral Saint Sauveur

After a fun weekend with their French families, this morning we all met at the Atelier Cezanne, or Cezanne’s studio, just outside the old city of Aix. Cezanne moved into this studio in 1902, after a return from Paris. At the time it was one of the only buildings standing, and it gave him both the solitude, opportunity and views to paint one of his favorite subjects, Mont Sainte Victoire. His atelier is filled with the daily objects of his life. From a canvas stretcher, to favorite jackets and coffee pots, you are able to step back into time to see the things that he was interested in exploring. Each kid chose something interesting to photograph and after our visit was over, we all gathered in the shady courtyard at tables to draw. Ms. Fav handed out drawing pads and pencils and we spent a quiet 30-plus minutes drawing and sharing techniques.

Afterwards, we walked back into town to explore the Cathedral Saint Sauveur. Built in the twelfth century on the site of a Roman forum, this cathedral is a mixture of both gothic and romanesque architecture. For some it was their first time in a large cathedral and they had some questions about the functions of the different elements.

After a lovely “petit train” tour around Aix, everyone walked to Parc Jourdan for a picnic lunch under the shade of a large tree. The parents planned a bowling outing for the afternoon, complete with a video arcade. Fun was had by all!


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