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June 22: Visit to Refugee Center, Cena de Despedida

This morning our students visited a refugee center in Cádiz. Here, residents aged 19 to 25 learn Spanish and acclimate to the Spanish culture. Many of the residents are from Senegal and Morocco and spoke of their harrowing journeys in small, unsafe boats, traveling under very dangerous circumstances. Our students listened attentively as the refugees shared the reasons why they fled their countries and how their experience in Spain has been up to this point. Our students were deeply moved by the many stories that they heard. The visit concluded with an interchange of music (reggaeton and USA country western!) and a discussion of life in the States. A profound and enlightening experience for all!

After “ la comida” students participated in an active game to learn about the first (short-lived) constitution of Spain which was signed in Cádiz. We then proceeded to our “cena de despedida” (farewell dinner) in the Casco. We all had various tapas and not a bite was left. Many students tried some new and exciting dishes. Súper Buena! We cannot believe that we are almost at the end of our adventure. Tomorrow is our last morning class and then we head off to Gibraltar, which is a British territory, for another exploration. Going to England! Who can believe it?


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