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June 23: Último Día en Cádiz, Viaje a Gibraltar

We cannot believe that this is our last day of classes in Cádiz. This morning, our students made travel videos highlighting the many wonders of Cádiz. These videos were both entertaining and informative! Afterwards, the students received certificates of attendance and written commentaries on the linguistic progress they have made over the last two weeks.

After lunch we went to Gibraltar, our last field trip of the program. The students saw the coast of Africa for the second time this trip! They learned that Gibraltar was the entry place for the Arabs into Spain in 711 AD. Gibraltar means “Rock of Tarik.” It also held strategic importance in World War II, being the launch point for the war in North Africa. We went into the Cave of St Michael which has served as a war hospital, ammunition storage area and auditorium. We were treated to a light show and saw many colorful stalactites and stalagmites. We also saw wild monkeys, and the students were mesmerized. Our bus driver warned us to close our windows or we might have some unwanted furry companions as seat mates. Since Gibraltar is part of the UK, our students heard lots of English being spoken. As soon as they got back on the bus to return to Spain, however, they reverted back to Spanish!

We have so many mixed emotions about going back to the States tomorrow. To be in Cádiz was the opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks to our students for having such adventuresome spirits and thirst for knowledge.


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