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March 10: Travel from Boston

We have arrived in Havana! We are excited to embark on this musically and culturally enriching journey with the Noble and Greenough School and the students of the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory, exploring and performing Afro-Cuban music. 

The Rivers crew, joined by a group of students and chaperones from the Noble and Greenough School jazz band, began their journey early at Logan Airport on Sunday morning, and in great spirits. After a day of travel and a few minor delays, we arrived at our hotel along la malecón, a beautiful modern hotel with an ocean view. We had a brief orientation meeting, learning about customs in Cuba, general safety, emergency contact numbers, and Cuban slang. 

Then it was off to dinner, where we were treated to several Cuban specialties. Everyone received a (non-alcoholic) welcome drink of several fruit juices (pineapple, papaya) and had a choice of appetizers and entrees, including fried malanga with honey, traditional plates of ropa vieja (shredded beef) with rice and beans, and a dessert of sweet coconut served with cheese. 

After a long day, our group headed back to the hotel happy and exhausted and ready to tackle the next day!


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