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Museo Cadiz

Today in Paradise, with just a slight increase in heat and humidity, the students had their regular morning classes, but starting at 9 instead of 10. The earlier start was to accommodate our visit to the Museum of Cádiz.

Once there, we were all wowed by the amazing collection of Prehistoric, Phoenician and Roman artifacts. As our ever-knowledgeable guide Álvaro led us around, he worked hard to help the students realize just how long Cádiz has been inhabited (3,000 years!). Once we had seen the pair of Phoenician sarcophagi, the monumental statue of the Emperor Hadrian and the famous Murillo paintings in the Sala de Murillo, the students had a little competition to find the answers to Álvaro's questionnaire. All the students were winners but a certain someone did get a free ice-cream for having the most correct answers. Then, the students were off to have lunch with their family and soon after that to the beach!


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