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Reggie Sealy - MRA

During my summer I had the privilege of working with MRA. MRA is a company that specializes in medical coding, cancer registry, and auditing for hospitals and other healthcare centers. Even though my time there was a short four weeks, I still learned a lot about the business world of science. There were two other interns there with me, and one of them, Izzie Silvia '18, is a Rivers graduate.

In my first week, I looked for trends in Google Analytics, which tracks how many people go on your website and finds information like how much time people spend on the website, the location of who is searching, and other information that may be relevant. Looking for trends is something businesses have to constantly do to keep their existing customers and to attract new ones. I also attended the marketing and sales meetings every week where we discussed our progress and goals.

Some other projects I did consisted of organizing documents so that anyone in the company could find documents easily, and making new designs for the company using Canva.

In my second week, I was assigned a project where I researched competitors. The goal was to spot which competitor MRA could potentially acquire. I was given a spreadsheet that already had some competition information and what I did was look through the list and update information like the companies revenue, how many employees they have, what services that they offer to hospitals, etc. By the end of the second week and into the third week I was confident with the work I had and I started another project. Through Hubspot, I looked for clients who looked at multiple emails MRA sent out. Hubspot is a website that MRA uses to help track emails that they send to their existing and potential clients and tracks the deals that they make. In my last week, I completed those bigger projects and went back to organizing documents that were recently uploaded. I had a great time working at MRA. They gave me insight into how businesses are run and helped me get accustomed to programs I've never used.


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