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The Last Day...

Today we got to take our knowledge and newly acquired advocacy skills to Capitol Hill! We were pretty nervous to present to congressional staff persons, but felt prepared by our training. We went to advocate for two things; keeping the foreign assistance funding at $60 billion (less than 1% of the budget), and co sponsorship or support of the “Safe from the Start Bill,” which elevates the importance of addressing gender based violence in humanitarian emergencies.These “asks” were the point of our meeting with our elected officials. We met with staff persons at the offices of Senators Markey and Warren, and Representatives Moulton, Pressley, Lynch, Kennedy, and Clark.

A few highlights of the day were:

  • getting to meet Representatives Seth Moulton and Joe Kennedy,

  • seeing that our voices do make a difference, and that what we were doing is real and timely,

  • gaining confidence in our presentations from the beginning to the end of our long day.


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