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Back in Cadiz!

Back in Cádiz, another perfect weather day and the students returned to classes on Monday. They were also able to spend an hour at a local center that welcomes immigrants to the region. A super-charming (and fast-talking) volunteer explained the nature of immigration to Spain and how the immigrants were more and more often undocumented women and young children. Our students were moved by the difficulties such immigrants face and fascinated to learn more about how the immigrants struggle to earn a living and to stay in Spain.

Directly after class, the highlight of the day was certainly the preparation, the cooking, and the eating of a fantastic paella. Despite the protests of some that they are not really good cooks, everyone participated in the chopping and the slicing and the stirring and the pouring of all the ingredients. When they return to you be sure to ask them about the new culinary techniques that they mastered today. They may need a big chef's hat to go with their new knowledge, like the ones they wore today.


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