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Day 1 - Off We Go To San Francisco!

Our first day in San Francisco has been eventful and exciting!

After collecting our bags and leaving from the airport, we went to check in at our place of residence - the Sir Francis Drake hotel. The interior styling of the establishment is fantastic and very extravagant. Everyone was happy to see that we were staying the heart of Downtown San Francisco, where coffee shops, restaurants, and convenience stores are abundant.

After dropping our luggage, we took the bus to Sausalito where we were able to climb trails by the seashore. Everyone had a great time and were ecstatic to be there. We took a grand amount of photos and shared a couple of laughs.

After Sausalito, we went down to the Fisherman’s Wharf. Here we saw many famous restaurants, like In-N-Out. Many of the students were excited to try the legendary burgers and cheese fries for the first time! From the Fisherman’s Wharf, we walked through the North Beach area of San Francisco, where we found and visited many family-run businesses and the renowned City Lights Bookstore. It was great to see that there was such a diverse culture in such a small radius.

From North Beach, we walked through Chinatown back to our hotel, where we were able to settle in for the night. After the first day, everyone was eager to take on the rest of the week. The team is looking forward to tomorrow’s workshop at ArcTouch, where we will meet up with alumnus Eric Shapiro (class of ’86).


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