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Granada day 2

We got an early start toward the Alhambra, taking a bus up the steep city streets. On arrival, we saw what our guide called the newer parts of the Alhambra, but we were certainly impressed by the views from the Gardens of the Generalife.

Then we climbed the Torre de la Vela in the oldest part of the Alhambra (the Alcazaba) for what was an even better view of the whole city and the surrounding Sierra Nevada.

From there, on to the different interior rooms, with their amazing ceilings and the exterior patios: Patio of the Wrought Iron Grill, of the Myrtles, and most famously, of the Lions.

From there the Palace of Charles V, with its Renaissance architecture, seemed a poor cousin to the fabulously creative Arabic architecture we had seen first. After returning to the city, the students had a couple hours for lunch and walking around and then the long bus ride back to Cadiz - during which the Mystery of the Lost Sneaker was successfully solved.


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