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June 14: Oratorio de San Felipe de Neri, Teatro Romano, Cádiz Museum

As a treat, students had morning classes outside in the old part of the city. They visited the Oratorio de San Felipe de Neri where the first Spanish constitution was signed. Students were given headsets to learn more about the architecture and the historical importance of the building. Students then visited the Teatro Romano, an excavation site of Venetian and Roman ruins. Everything is within walking distance here in Cádiz making it very accessible for everyone. In the afternoon we visited a Camera Obscura in the Tabira Tower, a darkened room with a small hole or lens at one side through which an image is projected, providing a unique view of the city. Next we visited the Cádiz Museum where the students were challenged with questions by participating in a scavenger hunt. The students were impressed by the artifacts dating back centuries, which were brought to Cádiz from all over the world. This museum shows the depth of Cádiz's history as the oldest city in Spain.


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