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June 16: The Roman Ruins of Bolonia

Although the heat in Cádiz is sizzling , it has not dampened our students' spirits. They continue to embrace all new experiences with joy.

This morning in class our students made creative posters of the monthly Spanish fiestas. Their knowledge of the Spanish culture has been indeed deepening every day. In addition, they participated in their second intercambio with Spanish students, continuing to make new friends and challenging themselves linguistically. Never a dull moment in our classes in Cádiz!

In the afternoon we went to the seaside town of Bolonia, from which you can see Africa. In Bolonia we visited the Roman ruins of Baulo Claudia, a Roman town dating back to 2,000 BCE. This ancient and important tuna fishing center also was home to an extensive salt curing industry for fish which was then exported throughout the Roman world. Thanks to the continued excavation at this site we were able to see Roman temples, homes, thermal baths, theater and the forum. The site is also home to an excellent museum. To cool off, the students then swam in the cool waters of the Atlantic. For sure we will all be tired this evening and in need of a good sleep as tomorrow we head for Granada.


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