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June 20: Teatro Romano, Sunset Cruise

After another full morning of class and our fourth and last intercambio with our Spanish amigos we headed off to the old part of the city to explore. We explored the Teatro Romano discovered in the 19th century. This was one of the first theaters of Andalucía. Many theatrical performances took place here and we sat in the stands and imagined that we too were witness to these many theatrical delights. This was one of the first theaters in Andalucía and was deconstructed to build the Cathedral of Cádiz in the 13th century. Its restoration has been phenomenal! Students then participated in a scavenger hunt to get acquainted with the medieval part of the city. Students had to take photos, ask locals questions and find landmarks to finish their search and to get to know this unique part of Cádiz.

Afterwards, we took a two hour sailboat cruise around the bay of Cádiz and witnessed an incredible sunset. We were able to see firsthand the wall that surrounds Cádiz that once served to protect the city from its enemies. Exhausted and full of incredible memories, we went back to have our evening meals. What a day!


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