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Living like the locals in JingDeZhen

Today in JingDeZhen we got to explore and dive into the student lives of people around our age. We first visited the JingDeZhen College of Ceramics and talked to the English majors there. When we first met them, they had a beautiful tea ceremony to welcome us to their school. The tea was awesome, and afterwords we got to spend some time with the students and learn about ceramics.

We got to visit their arts center and paint our own plates with overglaze enamels. I painted a chicken I saw in YaoLi. We then got to eat lunch at a traditional JingDeZhen restaurant and got to try loads of different spicy foods. After lunch, we went to a middle and high school and were able to talk to the students there. I was surprised about how much they admired and knew about America.

They were into a lot of the same things I was interested in and very culturally aware. We ended the day with a super fun basketball game and took plenty of pictures with the locals there. Not only have we learned about different historical sites, but we got the opportunity to learn about the true culture and lives of people our age in China.

-Sam Adams


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