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March 15: Day Five

Today’s adventure to the Peloponnese began in a more relaxed way than previous days.  A civilized 8:30 start had us on the bus to  Mycenae under beautiful blue skies and with warm temps. The ascent to the 4,000-year-old ruins of the pre-classical Greek town of 30,000 helped the kids imagine what it was like to live in a hilltop fortress town of that period.

Our next stop was at the seaside town of Nafplio. Everyone was able to have lunch, gelato, and a stroll (read:shop) while checking out the beautiful bay.  

Our last stop was the amazing theater of Epidaurus. Amazingly intact and still seating 13,000, the perfect acoustics let kids call out to one another across the breadth of the theater from the top row seats and be perfectly audible. 


Our last activity before the evening’s dinner was a well-deserved nap for all. Silence reigned in the bus for an hour.


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