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March 16: Day Six

For our last day in Athens, we had an opportunity to visit the National Archaeological Museum. This collection encompasses art from Neolithic times through the Roman period. After an introduction to the various rooms, students wandered the galleries at their own pace. A highlight was seeing the spectacular golden artifacts from the Mycenaean tombs we had visited the day before, including the famous mask of Agamemnon. 

For lunch we left Athens and headed to the southeast tip of the Attic peninsula.  Alexia, our Greek guide, brought us to a fabulous seaside restaurant. Students had time to socialize, feel the water on their feet, and take in the views of the Aegean.

Our last visit of the trip was to the temple of Poseidon at Sounion. This temple is located on a dramatic promontory surrounded by water. Our group explored the site, climbed down to the sea and experienced the quiet beauty of the fifth-century Greek temple.

Dinner was at a restaurant overlooking the Parthenon. The conversation was lively and animated. We ended the evening with our final round of trivia, and the competition was fierce! Prizes were handed out to the winners and then we enjoyed a pleasant walk back to our hotel for our last night, complete with one last gelato. On to the airport tomorrow!


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