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Day 6: Olympias and Nafplion

We spent a beautiful morning in Olympias exploring the ancient sanctuary dedicated to Zeus and the home of the Olympics. The awe-inspiring remains of the temples to Zeus and Hera, as well as the stadium itself, were among the highlights. Students competed in their very own 100 yard dash and learned how to differentiate between the three main types of Greek columns. After a morning spent at the ancient site, we went our separate ways to enjoy lunch at one of the many roadside cafes before boarding the bus and heading east to Nafplion. Our luck with the weather finally came to an end as we entered Nafplion under a steady rain. However, we were not deterred! While some shopped in the charming city center, others climbed the 999 steps to the top of the renaissance castle, the Palamidi Fortress. It was not an easy climb, but those who dared to make the ascent were rewarded with a jaw-dropping view of Nafplion, the harbor, and the sea! We ended our day in style with a phenomenal four course meal at the chic 3Sixty restaurant.


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