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Un jour à la plage

We met bright and early for our beach day! After a leisurely bus ride to Cassis, we took an adorable shuttle to the harbor and jumped on a boat. The guide told us all about the surroundings on our way to the calanques or mini fjords.

We passed a World War II bunker, we were told to be on the lookout for sunfish and dolphins and we saw many tourists taking advantage of the beautiful waters. The boat made a brief stop at each of the little bends in the coastline and farther out we even saw some beautiful rock formations like a natural archway, a tiny gap called “The Needle” and two large mounds in the water called “ The camel brothers” because they resemble the animals resting in the water. One of the coolest sights is the spot where they finally discovered the body of famous drowned author, Antoine de St. Exupéry.

The World War II pilot wrote multiple books, including le Petit Prince, but died in his plane and went unrecovered for a long time. Finally a fisherman found a bracelet with the author’s family name stuck in his net and this inspired divers to go looking for more. At last the mystery was solved. After the breezy and cool boat ride it was time to rest in the sun! We found a cozy spot on the sand and soaked in the rays. The students even went in the cold water! They tired themselves out swimming and then rested on their blankets before venturing into town for ice cream. After a hot afternoon on the beach the students were ready for a weekend with their families.

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