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Roussillon et Gordes

Our last excursion day! We headed north to the villages of Roussillon and Gordes, two of the most beautiful villages in France. First, we headed to Roussillon which sits on the biggest ochre deposits in the world and it’s evident in the rich natural colors that decorate the walls and hills of this unique town. We headed to the Sentier des Ocres (Ochre trail) where we walked through a path of ochre sands and amidst hills carved by water, wind, and hand. After hiking, students explored the town, had lunch, and tasted new ice cream flavors such as lavender and violet.

After a break in one of the town squares, we headed to the town of Gordes. Students immediately saw an ice cream place and headed in. As they took their seats, we understood they had set themselves a goal of trying ice cream in every town they visited. The afternoon was hot, so cucumber, raspberry, grapefruit, and mango sorbet were the preferred flavors. Students then headed to explore the narrow streets and unique stores. Porcelain, tissue, soap, spices, honey and of course lavender products were to be seen all around town.

After walking, shopping, and crêpes, it was time to head back to the Aix area. June 21st marks the first day of summer and the Fête de la musique was going to be in full force across the country. Students were excited planning where to go to celebrate the summer solstice. In Aix, the streets were closed and single artists and groups settled in different corners of the city and played their music. Also, the Cours Mirabeau was closed off and had a stage with various rock bands playing. There was something for everyone to enjoy and families, friends and visitors alike took part in this beautiful celebration.


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