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De la lavende, un château, du Van Gogh

We met at Lycée Duby once again to head to Les Baux de Provence, one of the most beautiful villages in France. We were greeted at the entrance of the landmark by small fields of lavender that were starting to bloom, a canon, and Europe’s largest trebuchet.

As soon as we arrived, students headed up to the Château where they explored the remnants of the medieval castle and fortress. It was built in the 10th century and it was the place where the best troubadours and entertainers of the time performed. Students went all the way up to the keep where they admired the magnificent views of the Alpilles. Picnic lunch and a stroll to town followed. We saw beautiful houses and terraces, charming galleries and shops, as well as the Santons Museum.

In the afternoon, we headed down to the Carrières de Lumières for a two part show. The former quarry projected images of Vincent van Gogh’s work set to various classical and rock songs. Students marveled at the cool place and were immersed in the artist’s most famous paintings. It was a magnificent travel through van Gogh’s life and progression as an artist and it allowed to appreciate his work from a completely new perspective. The second half was a projection of Japanese prints called “Japan dreamt, images of a floating world.” After the amazing moving-image and sound show, American and French students spent quality time with each other at the café and before long it was time to head back to Duby.


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